BRAGMA (Supporting GMES and Africa)

BRAGMA (Bridging Actions for GMES and Africa) is supported by the European Commission with co-funding under FP7 (Contract 284422)

Within the context of the Space Track of the 8th Africa - EU Strategic Partnership (Science, Information Society, Space), BRAGMA is specifically focused on Supporting GMES and Africa coordination and promotes awareness by

- Organising coordination and thematic expert workshops

- Facilitating participation of pre-qualified African stakeholders at relevant events to ensure pan-African engagement

- Building the GMES and Africa community, by engaging with key stakeholders, establishing and connecting networks face to face and online

It also provides In-loco support to the development and implementation of GMES and Africa Action Plan (GAAP) through

- Investing on the connection with governance

- Contributing to the sustainability of the GMES and Africa initiative

- Providing in-loco consultation and dissemination

BRAGMA will produce reports on the contribution of GMES services and GMES & Africa related projects, to support a coherent strategy between Europe and Africa

Finally, BRAGMA supports the effective development, conclusion, endorsement and implementation of the GAAP, by working in collaboration with key stakeholders to identify and facilitate the scope and definition of high priority projects.

During 2012, at the request of the European Commission (EC) and African Union Commission (AUC), BRAGMA will focus its activities primarily on three of the nine GMES and Africa Thematic Areas:

- Marine and Coastal Areas (fisheries, integrated coastal zone management, transport, etc.)

- Water Resources Management (integrated basin management, ground water, water scarcity)

- Long-Term Management of Natural Resources (forest resources, biodiversity, land resources, land cover change, protected area management)